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Wanted ad ftw!

Hey guys I’m Steph and i’m taking Mia to the site. Anyway, Mia is 23 and she has 11 siblings and her parents. The family owns a restaurant/ bar in London England in my head it’s the it place in London.

Anyway- The siblings are very open in terms of personalities and history’s. They would range form 35 to 30 - 18. The face claims are also very much opened her fc I would like for her is Emmy Rossum. Here is a link to my ask http://hehadasweetheartonhisknees.tumblr.com/ask. If you would prefer to email it’s dramadreamerzzz@aim.com and also aim works to. I just wanted to out this in case anyone wants to be a part of the big family. 

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hey all…
so if you can guess our url you can register and start joining! really, it’s not that hard. C; otherwise you can wait half an hour and we’ll give you the link. (: WE’RE SO EXCITED TO SHOW YOU WHAT WE’VE COME UP WITH.

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opening tonight!
stay tuned for the opening time and link!

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NAME : alison cassidy rush

AGE:  twenty one

MEMBERGROUP: hartstown, ireland

POSSIBLE FACE CLAIM: britt robertson

so, kid, what’s your name?

hey you! okay so that’s not my name but it’s something i hear shouted in my direction a lot. my names alison cassidy rush or ali for short.  the ‘rush’ part of my name is quite appropriate because i never stop rushing about. i’m terrible at time keeping- i’m late for almost anything- dates, meetings, you name it i’m probably late for it. but it’s a weakness i’m working on, my mom even once said i’d be late for my own wedding though isn’t that sort of the tradition as it goes? if anyone asked me if i like my name i’d say yes. alison brings me back to my irish roots as it was a very popular name around the time i was born so you can imagine what it was like when i was at school half the girl population had my name but it didn’t bother me i guess i like knowing i was part of something even if it was just a name boom.

what do you do for a living?

i’m a photographer, it’s a passion of mine that started from a very young age i remember getting my first camera when i was around six, i was obsessed with that thing. everyone else had pet cats and dogs and then there was me. the girl who would rather take photo’s of the pets that have one of her own. so i guess in those early years were when i discovered exactly what i wanted to do and once my mind was set it never changed. i actually doubt it ever will. photography is the one thing that can get me through anything.

describe yourself in three words

spontaneous - i’m very much a girl who acts on my impulses and desires, if i want something enough i’m going to do whatever it takes to get it within certain lengths of course. i’m very strong minded if i’m honest and spontaneity is something i thrive off.

stubborn - oh look another ‘s’ .. but yes i’m very stubborn at times. again i’d say it’s to do with my mind set- once i’ve made a decision on anything it’s very hard for someone to change my opinion unless of course they knows my weaknesses and how to push my buttons. but that’s only a handful of people.

creative - i guess this is the most obvious thing about me. i’m a free and creative spirit who looks at life in my own little way. i have a unique vision on things and although i could follow a crowd in terms of fashion and the like. i’m also very much of an individual.

what’s your family like?

surprisingly i get asked this a lot. i don’t know if it’s because we’re irish or if my family suddenly got popular and i don’t know about it. that would be funny. i guess that’s another thing about me i can be oblivious at times. but i’m deviating, i adore my family to bits. especially my brothers - there’s four of them. actually beside my mom i’m the only other girl in the family- well you know what i mean the close family if i went to the extended family oh god my list would be endless. but yes my family is pretty darn smashing. my brothers have always been protective of me- even the younger one, bless him. i guess i’m just really thankful to have them because i know i wouldn’t be the person i am today without my family.

how’s that love life, eh?

if you had asked me this question just over a year ago i would have said my love life was pretty non-existent. for a while i just had meaningless hook ups because i didn’t have time for anything else- my life was busy and as i mentioned i’m always in a rush and when you’re life takes a turn into the fast lane you just work with what you’re given. but now for me that’s all changed. before i’ve never allowed myself to fall in love but when i met -insert name here- that all changed, at first we were friends then i took the bold move of wanting him in way i think neither of us expected at first but now i couldn’t be more happier. you know how i said i’m late to everything? well now that seems to have moved to my period too …. maybe i should tell him about that.

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character worksheet

name: fallon cecelia mackenzie

age: eighteen years

member group : toronto, canada (or wherever the city in canada is) haha, subject to changee!

possible face claim: selena gomez. c: or demi or miley or ariana. idk xD

so, kid, what’s your name? "firstly, i’m not a kid so shut up. secondly, why my name? fine. my name is fallon. like jimmy fallon. i wasn’t named after him though. my middle name is cecelia. it sounds like an old lady. haha. my last name is mackenzie. you know, like the prime minister? no? no one pays attention in history, so i guess it is cool… but yep, that’s my name. most people call me fallon."

what do you do for a living? "i work at a hotel as a maid. glamorous. haha, really, it isn’t a very exciting job but it makes me some money. it is only part time in the mornings and such, and sometimes at other times. i’m also a university student, at the university of toronto and i am studying sociology, and  also taking french too. you know, rocking the bilingual part of things. but yep, that is what i do for a living."

top five things on your bucket list? " yay for my bucket list. everyone thinks it is silly but i don’t. my first thing is to go sky diving. i know, it is kind of cliche but it sounds awesome. secondly, i would love to go backpacking in europe with a friend. i mean, i think it sounds fun. thirdly, i would like to own two hundred bottles of nail polish. my nails are always different colors, i love to paint them. i have eighty bottles now. fourth, i would like to go white water rafting, and fifth, i would like to learn greek. "

what is your family like? " my family is confusing. i have three siblings, and my parents divorced when i was seven. i’m the youngest. anyways, me and one of my siblings stayed in toronto with my mom, but my other two siblings moved to new york. so, i don’t get to see them a lot. i love my family, they’re awesome. i’m really close to my mom and my sister who stayed in toronto. i’m the baby of the family, fun right? but yeah, that is my family in a nutshell!"

and how’s that love life, eh? “i’m single and ready to mingle. haha, i’m pretty open right now. i mean, i’m not looking for anyone really? i’m just living up life? haha, well, there might be a guy i have my mind on but you don’t need to know that. i don’t want to rush into a relationship.”

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Name:Mia Rose Parker

Age: Twenty Three

Member Group: London England

Possible Face claims:Emmy Rossum!

so, kid, what’s your name?-Hello!  My name  is Mia Rose Parker yeah I’m one of those Parker’s the ones with the 12 kids and the famous restaurant/bar. I love my name my parents gave me I think it suites me well and goes well with my personality. I was born before the princess diaries movies came out so no my name does not come from the main character from those movies.  I’m one of the younger people in my family and so my parents say they just started naming us random names they liked. Although they do tell me that my name Mia comes form my father’s mother and yes it did take them this long to finally use her name.    
What do you do for a living? I’m a waitress and singer at the place my parents/my family own. I love it there although I would like to break out into the London music scene and break my way into the West End maybe. My family is always really supportive of me and I love them for that they are my biggest support system.  I deiced what I wanted to do when I was younger which is help the world though music by using my own talents. For now since I still live at home until I can afford my own place I just work at the family place for extra spending money. I would like to get picked up by a record label and start help the world with my music someday soon. 
What’s your favorite memory? Just one really with so many siblings and some many people in the house I have so many.  One that really stands out was when I was first introduced to music and theater when I saw The Phantom Of The Opera when I was 13.  It was this show that really sparked my interest in theater and music and it was the first thing I remember of just me and my mom without the rest of the 12 kids running around. I don’t   want to seem like this is my favorite because my siblings were not there I still love my family but this was just a special moment for just me and my mom. Since then my mom and I have gone to theater with a few or my sisters and we have both bonded over music. 

Top five things on your bucket list? One- Go to New York City at least once in my life- I love theater and since New York City is the center of the theater world I feel like every theater person  needs to see New York City at some point in their lives. Two- Find someone and start a family of my own- I feel like no one will ever really love me due to the fact that my family is so huge it takes a lot to keep up with us. Three- Become famous through my music-I am probably the most musically inclined person in my family the rest of them while they might sing don’t have dreams of become a famous singer song writer like I want to. Four-Visit Harry Potter World- Reading has always been another really big thing with me and so I want to se at least some part of Harry Potter in the form of theater perk and it would be a fun family vacation. Five: Write a novel or a biography-I love writing and do it though my own music   and I would like the world to know more about my family and who I am.  

What’s your family like? Crazy no you might think I’m kidding but we are that insane that people stare when they see us walking by. With 12 kids counting me growing up I was the shyer of the clan and I turned to music to find my own voice. I love my family and yes holidays might be crazy with siblings ranging form 30-35  to 18. I love my crazy big family and they love me and yes going on vacation is a hassle which is why   never went on vacation when I was younger.  My siblings are my best friends and I talk to them about everything and anything and I know that I can tell them things in confidence. 

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